An Artist who Paints a Fictional Universe and Brings About Peace to the Heart

Lecturer at the Ecole du Louvre/Art critic
Eric Monsinjon

The fictional space created by Senju leads the viewer into a world of dreams, a world so full of happiness that it could almost be called paradise.The inhabitants of this colorful, crystal-pure space include a pegasus running along the waterfront, a dolphin orbiting the earth, fearless and exotic elephants marching amidst the stars, a majestic dragon ascending to heaven, as well as a tiger drawn with meditative vision.Imaginary and real creatures alike are all depicted equally from Senju’s warm perspective.

I felt a consistent sense of “peace” in her works, with a world full of kindness that affirms everything in perfect harmony with our souls living in the real world.It contains a compassionate theme of peace for mankind and peace for the soul within.Her art does not reflect visual subjects, but rather feelings that come from deep within, ideals that are hidden within, and other mental images.Perhaps she is trying to capture something on another level, not just what is superficial or by appearance.An extremely personal inner world, hence the fictional creatures and unexpected situations that are created, or a universe of fantasy that inhabits them.When they are embodied in a work of art, anyone will realize that it is an ideal world.

These are compassionate works that heal the emaciated hearts of people affected by the problems and difficulties of modern society.Senju’s philanthropic sentiments can also be read in her works, making her seem almost like a wizard who brings about happiness.

What is also noteworthy is the exceptional sense of color, with the choices and schemes being impeccable and her fictional world coherent.The depiction of colors that seems to close in on the heart shows that she has a good grasp of the essence of color.By just following the wonderful colors and drawings, we might easily lose ourselves in her art.

The key to unraveling Senju’s approach to creation lies in looking into one’s own heart.The various colors spreading over the surface embody all aspects of human psychology, such as the rainbow of emotions and the symbolism of infinity.The reason why we are so fascinated by the beauty of her works is that they repeatedly draw us into the deep sea of the heart – the deepest essence of a person.
A miraculous experience it is, like discovering an unknown chamber in the depths of a huge pyramid.