Exhibit at Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021

Three works were exhibited at Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021 held at Carrousel du Loevre in Paris, France from October 22 to 26, 2021.

In addition to art fans from Japan, gallerists, critics, and other local experts visited the exhibition and commented on the works.


■Eric Monsinjon (Professor at Ecole des Louvres / Art Critic)

The works are full of tenderness, as if they can heal us in this modern world with its many difficulties. It is a very compassionate work that gives us a glimpse of the theme of “giving peace to the soul. It is a beautiful work that seems to have come out of a dream.


■Odile Lefranc (Art critic / French Ministry of Culture and Communication)

The work shows the artist’s mastery of pastel colors. It is very difficult to achieve this color in its purity, and the balance between the fantastic motifs and this blue is very sophisticated. It really seems to allow us to enter into the original world within the artist. It is a wonderful world with winged horses, dolphins in space, a little girl who loves plants and a dragon who protects her.


■Denis Cornet, Galerie Thuillier gallerist and critic

I think the work is very delicate. It shows that the artist has a solid drawing ability and has mastered the construction of the work. In addition, the pastel colors express the poetry, tenderness, and serenity of the work. I think that we can well understand the artist’s thoughts and feelings that he wants to convey, and his own serenity is well expressed in his work.